Who is Mike Gino?

Mike Gino is an independent artist from Chicago,Ill. Gino took it up north to MN. Having landed in Minneapolis what he dubs as "Lil Chicago" he settled in and got active on the music scene. Mike Gino is a diverse artist, which he says enables him to have comfort riding in a lane wide enough to lac a bus.

Not one to be labeled as a particular type of artist he's considered to be versatile. From one category to the next he's done songs with artists from various parts of the globe that shed light on his ability to rap about topics other than just street life. Talk about being an artist in every aspect. Mike Gino is definitely one to look out for in this era of hip-hop, we can only stay tuned and see what he comes out with next. Could be a cool song with a dope visual, or a hot new product that you just can't stand to be without. With Mike Gino you never really know what to expect, but you count on it to be something good!